Three Candy Dots with CYCI #69

Happy Birthday Spanish

Today’s card is sort of a good-bye to the Spanish market of Stampin’ Up!  They will not longer produce stamp sets in Spanish and for many of us bilingual demonstrators, it a little sad. But, have no fear, I will continue to come up with innovative ways to make certain my Spanish heritage is represented with my own Spanish versions.  Onward to the CanYouCaseIt Sketch Challenge #69.

Happy Birthday Spanish3
Happy Birthday Spanish2

As I reached the end of compling this challenge card I looked at it and thought to myslef, “Self, what is missing on here?”  Before I could answer myself my hand reach for the Candy Dots. I show both photos because I want you too see for yourself the difference three Candy Dots made.  Just like an Almond Joy…sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t…LOL!


The one thing that will make my day today is if you too joined me at Can You Case It.  You know you want to and I want you to do it too!  Don’t make me beg!  Paticipating in challenges is good for the soul and it relaxes the mind to bring out some creative flow.


  • Use your scraps.  Did you notice anything on the Daffodil Delight card stock?  It was a scrap I didn’t throw away after I messed up the embossing.  In my jounrey to keep every piece of scrap piece larger than one inch…I’m glad I held on to this one.  I scored it every 1/2″ an inch both horizontally and diagnally.  It just gave it a little lift off the edge on the layered. Why do I mention it?  To remind you to always hang on to your scraps…they really do come in handy later on.

Sneak Peak.  Don’t worry, if you missed it…you can still see it here.

My Story.  I shared my personal story with a new friend (Brenda) last week and this week I’ll be sharing it with all of you.  I hope you come back and check it out too.  It’s pretty exciting too!  From struggle to disappointment and then triumph!  There’s a little secret out there that should be shared with the world.  Better yet, type in your email address below and you’ll be notified when I blog it and you won’t miss it.

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