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Sure, these things happen all year long, but there is just something about spring that makes us think of weddings and babies. So what could be better for our May “Best of” set than a Best of Brides & Babies Stamp Set?  Click HERE to get yours now!

The most difficult time of a deployment is simply missing our loved one’s.  While we are deployed we need to keep our mind on the mission.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand why we don’t call home as often.  Not because we don’t want to talk to our loved one’s, but simply because more often it’s hard on us.  We are already far away and hearing their voices and sharing in the days events can become sad after we hang up the phone.  Then depression sets in.  No bueno.

So, I make sure to send cards.  That is why I brought my stamps with me.  But since there is so much happening at work, I have not had a chance to stamp.  I kind of knew that I wouldn’t be able to make as many cards in the beginning, so I made several before I left to have a few on hand.

Today, not only am I thinking of my loved one’s, but I’m also thinking and keeping in my prayer’s the families of our heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  With that, I dedicate this card to our fallen hero’s who make it possible to be FREE!

During my entire deployment, I am donating all profits from any Stampin’ Up! sales from my on-line store to my warrior friends where I am currently serving.  I will buy them what we crave to keep us awake while sustaining our mission 24 hours a day!


I used my own funds to purchase my clinic a coffee maker and I bought a few boxes of it with my own funds, but my plan for the next five months is to use the profits from my on-line store is to buy my team more K-cup coffee.

Until the next post…

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I'm a Graphic Art Designer and Greeting Card Maker. It's a form of therapy and I love what I do, so I never have to work a day in my life. It's my win-win situation after a 25-year Air Force career as a hospital administrator.


  1. Ditto Susan’s comment.
    Many in my family have served in the military so I want to support you in any I can!!

  2. Jennifer Greania

    Less than half an hour ago, I filled a gallon storage bag full of K-Cups that we just don’t care for and I was going to get rid of. Not that they’re “bad”…just not our flavor choice. God works in mysterious ways…address…need your address! 😉

  3. Is there an address we can send you some K-cups? Do you have a favorite?

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