Thinking of You… Have You Thought of Me?

Thinking of You

When I first began making cards I did NOT like flowers and leaves.  HAHAHA… now I absolutely love them. I think it may have been because I don’t have a green thumb. Usually my plants die, but I soon discovered that paper flowers don’t need watering and especially you don’t need to them. Now, I just talk to myself as I’m putting a card together with flowers. This reminds me, I better go water my in-house tree my cousin Veva gave me. LOL.

Thinking of You

If you notice the specific print on the paper I used in the Back to Black designer series paper has a natural fence design to it.  It’s the perfect compliment to the hard wood print.  Also, you would NEVER know I kinda messed up the sentiment on the actual wood because THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN CARD MAKING… LoL.  But then again, after you look at it the cover up looks much better.

Card Sketches FMS

Once again, the card inspiration is from Freshley Made Sketches 150. Design by Linda C.

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