Renewed Wedding Vows

Renew Vows

I think I have everyone fooled into thinking I am crafty… LoL.  When in reality, it’s about 40% me and 60% Stampin’ Up!  It takes me an average of 3 days to a week to come up with an orginal sketch/project on my own.  I have to go into my thinking spot and bring into my mind different shapes, textures, and colors in my brain.

I have a network of 500 plus friends and fellow stampers/crafters that share their ideas, thoughts, and even help me when I’m stuck or have card block… similar to writer’s block… HAHA!

However, this beauty was printed with My Digital Studio and scored to resemble a matchbox.  Doesn’t get any simpler that my friends.  I would say “a monkey could do it”, but then again… I am often referred to as a monkey… and that would make that statement true… LOL.

The card was made for my cousin Jenny and husband Ray who will renew their Marriage Vows in a ceremony to celebrate their Tenth Wedding Anniversary.

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