Many Merry Stars & Added Bonus!

Many Merry6Many Merry3Today I’m going to SAVE you time in the future. What!? Yes, that’s right. I can save you time and I’m going to tell you how below.

But first let me tell you that I have an added bonus that I know you’re going to love!

Who doesn’t love cute famous icon? Go on, keep reading.

Free Time: Rare and Precious!

Two years ago Karen Salmansohn wrote that we should probably rename “free time” as “priceless time” because, sure, yes, it is free — but more so, it is rare and precious!

I’m here to tell you that at tonight’s craft class I saved my guests time that they’ll get back in the future. I know I know, you’ve already asked me twice, “how can that be!?”

Here’s how…

Kits: Do It Yourself Miracles

No, these are NOT two separate 3-D box star ornaments (watch the video below and you will see what I did). At least that’s what I’m going to use them for. This year my goal was to give my friends ornaments as gifts for their trees, something that will remind them of our friendship.

Since I’m crazy for paper crafts, this Many Merry Star kit is my go to kit. Great thing about it? I only need ONE! Well, unless you have 25 friends whom you want to gift one to.

I’ve gone one step ahead of you… click HERE to see more ways to use the kit.

Many Merry2

Many Merry5

Added Bonus: You Ready for This!?

Who doesn’t like FREE! View video right now to hear about the added bonus EVERYONE will receive when they take advantage of this FUN kit. Here’s a bonus to the bonus… purchase the kit after viewing the video (all 30 seconds of it) TODAY (which means right now) and get THREE bonus gifts!

Leave a comment below and tell what traditional things do you make for your family/friends each year?

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