Meet the Adorable Sweet Ivy


Isn’t this card just straight up gorgeous!? If I told you a friend gave it to me who is a beginner card-maker? She got hooked on making cards after she attended a work shop and she hasn’t stopped creating ever since. I named this precious cutie Ivy. Why because It’s Nicole’s last name and it fits he sweet face.


The image is a digi-image she found and simply used our Many Marvelous Markers to color her in. It’s as if Nicole went from beginner to a professional with just the markers. Amazing detail with her  coloring. Nicole is living proof that YOU can do it too!

MAGGIE MADE TIPS: Not in cash, but great crafting recommendations.

  • Just start somewhere. Many people say, “I’ll start stamping/coloring after I practice some more.” Yet they never start and regret it later.  If we always wait to be perfect guess what…we are never going to get it off the ground. The Many Marvelous Markers are a perfect start to great coloring fun. That’s what Nicole did and just look at what she accomplished and I got to keep it as a gift for getting her started.
  • For beginners Google “free dig stamps” and print your favorite choice on Whisper White card stock then just practice, practice, practice! You’ll improve your coloring skills and you won’t want to stop.

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Thank you my friends for stopping by today. It would be so awesome to show y friend Nicole some love. Won’t you please leave her a comment on her card? It’s simply adorable. Have yourself a beautiful day.

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