Tulips: Great Way to Say “I Am So Sorry”

Spring Tulips

Nooooooooo!  The weather app says it’s gonna rain the rest of the week!  It’s a bitter-sweet weather moment for me because I have loved driving in my truck with the windows down and the sunroof open.  I love the feel of the sunshine on my face because it makes me happy!

But here’s the bitter moment… I hate that the clouds will roll in with rain!!!!  Okay, now the sweetness of it all… I LOVE THE RAIN.  LoL… I have ADHD and I interrupt my own conversations… have you had one with me lately (ask Pam, Sindy, or Shari)… Sometimes I even confuse myself and don’t let me ask you a question just to realize that 5 seconds after I ask it… I’ve already answered… LoL.

I can change the conversation on you in a hot minute.  Like right now… did you notice?

Condolences Spring Tulips

For the last few days, maybe even few weeks, I have been highly addicted to making cards with my Blessed Easter stamp.  It lights up life each time I use.  I had been coloring them in, but now I just want to show you that the stamp is just as beautiful with color outlines of the tulips.  This card will warm the heart of the person you give it to because they will know that what you did was wrong and you are very sorry. LOL

But on a serious note, it can also be used as a condolence card… the cards we hate to make, but make them because it’s important to let those who have lost a loved one know that we love them and are their rock to lean on when they can’t stand on their own.

You can see all the tulip cards I’ve made with the Blessed Easter stamp set here.

Lesson Learned:  Save your scraps!!!  The Burlap ribbon you see on the card was left overs from my Burlap And Blooms Simply Created Wreath workshop.  Heck, why buy more when you already have leftovers???  But if you don’t have any and you want to make this card… I have listed it for you down below.


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