A Heartfelt Message

If you’re here to view the blog hop, don’t worry, just continue scrolling and you will see it.  But if you want to read about my personal stamping story read before moving on.


I’m not going to discuss the recent event of the loss of one of America’s beloved comedian/actor, Robin Williams. But what he suffered from… depression. I know too well about depression and I do not hide it and I have shared my personal story many times, but in a nutshell, depression is real and nothing or no one can just make it go away.

After my diagnosis, I found myself stamping and playing with paper, stamps, inks, and the feeling of being in a room full of people, but still feeling alone didn’t go away completely, but my hobby made me feel like it made my days Ridiculously Amazing (like the stamp set). It didn’t happen overnight, it took a few months, but nevertheless I began to feel better.

What added to my feeling of getting out of my funk was the new friends I made.  They are the Pals, led by Mary Fish, the sweetest most loving woman you will ever meet.  There are even more amazing men & women who I call my Pals and they’re literally all over the U.S.  We are a network of support not just for crafting, but we lean on each other when we are suffering in our private lives. We not only communicate via our private Facebook page, but we call, text, and message each other whenever we need each other.

For them I am thankful, grateful, and I love them to pieces. Every single one of them, they will never know what they have done for me.  Even while deployed, they kept my spirits up, they kept me stamping and my mind off war.

I love you with all my heart my sweet Pals!


With all this said, I ask that if you suffer from depression, get yourself a hobby! Any hobby, not just stamping because I am living proof that my depression has been lessened and although I can’t say it’ll ever go away, I know I have special friends that will always be there for me.  You see, depression isn’t something that can be immediately cured and if you have a friend whom you know suffers from depression, know that all you have to be is a FRIEND.  Listen to them without judgement, but just let them lean on you… YOU just might save their life.

If you are just so inclined to learn more about stamping you can learn more about My Circle of Pals here or send an email to (maggie@maggiemadecards.com) and ask me anything you’d like to know about joining our group of crafters. You can even just share your story with me even if you just need someone to talk to.

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