Stampin’ Up! Three Colors w/One Ink Pad


I’m running late, I need to make a card in a jiffy, I don’t want to make it complicated…what do I do? Stamp, punch, adhere. Whew, that was easy. Hold up, wait a minute! I got ink where it doesn’t belong! Darn it, I’m already late. What now?

MAGGIE MADE TIPS: Not in cash, but great crafting recommendations:

  • One Ink Wonder: Use one ink to stamp three different shades. How? Ensure stamp has even ink coverage before stamping it and do not re-ink. Just stamp it two more times and with each stamp the color will completely change to a lighter color. I used melon mambo and it’s amazing the three shades of beautiful popping color.
  • Oopsie Smearked Ink: Make a mistake? Well, you know there are no mistakes in stamping right!? Simply place an embellishment over it. I put the tiny hearts left overs I had from a previous card and if I said it once, I’ll say it again “never eva eva throw away left over paper that bigger than a nickel.” As you can see, you can still use it!

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