Stamp Ink Paper: 3D Project, Tag or Home Decor!

Stamp Ink Color Toilet Paper Rolls

Happy Tuesday! Today’s two projects were made for the Stamp Ink Paper 3D Project, Tag or Home Decor challenge and my projects pretty much meet all three criteria choices, although they didn’t have to.  I’ve been saving toilet paper rolls for about two years now and now that I have no more room to store them, I better start using them.  The one on the left was made with retired paper with the exception of the cutest currently Mummy from the Cookie Cutter Halloween collection.  The candle I found on Pinterest.

This week I will make roughly about 80 of the fat pillow treats on the left.  Instead of just handing out treat for Halloween, I’ll be giving each child one toilet paper roll each. they will be filled with two candies a piece…or maybe three. I gotta see how many will fill in each.  Oh I can’t wait to see the looks on their cute little faces.

Stamp Ink Paper Challenge

After putting together the projects I realized that they were both 3D, both had tags on them and the candle is actually a home decor piece!  But you don’t have to do the same, just pick one and show us what you’ve made at the Stamp Ink Paper Challenge.

Cookie Cutter Halloween

The Details:

  • Toilet Paper Roll.  This is what two years of saving TP rolls gets you…a crafted candle.  I used hot glue to adhere the battery operated tea-light that can be purchased by the dozen at the dollar store.  I even put some on the Gingerbread kid’s forehead to give it the drip look.
  • The Sentiment.  Thank goodness the photopolymer gives a little flexibility because I bent it just so slightly so that it would stamp in the shape of the banner punch.
  • Doily’s Finishing Touch.  The center of the doily is a perfect fit on the TP roll and it can be cut with scissors to make it easy to slid it down.  To get it to adhere perfectly I cut small snips on the bottom of the roll and folded them outward and used a tiny bit of multipurpose glue so the doily would lay flat.  Does the make sense?

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Cookie Cutter HalloweenCookie Cutter Halloween 

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