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Just Because

Oh My Gosh!  I’m so beside myself!  There are times when we all have to say a little good about ourselves.  I think I’ve finally found my style!!!  Wait, did I just say that!?  Yayyyyy….I’m so happy with this card and I didn’t even have to over think it!  That’s why I love sketch challenges!  Boo-ya!

Just Because

I am in LOVE with this designer series paper too!  Oh My Gosh, I keep using exclamation points all over this post!  It’s just a sign of how happy I am with the result of this card.  I’m going to share a little secret—-I often keep the cards I make because I’m afraid they aren’t going to be appreciated!

The problem with giving a greeting card is that Hallmark (my competitor) makes it easy to spend anywhere from $4.99 to $8.99 on a greeting card.  I still can’t figure out why someone would pay that!!! (yes that sentence deserves three exclamation points!)

The solution is to sign up for one of my card classes (every first and third Friday of every month) and I will teach you in under an hour!

Don’t have an hour, yet want to show someone who you care more about them then buying them an EXPENSIVE store-bought card… get a kit I tell ya!  See them here.

Kits are a win-win solution.  You pay only $1.50 per card and the kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to put it together and the recipient will love it!  Why?  Because YOU made it with your own hands!  What other way to show someone how much you care about them!!!

FMS Final 154-001

My wonderful card is brought to you by Freshly Made Sketches 154.  Isn’t it such a lovely design?  I LOVE it (but you knew that already). HAHA

Just Because

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