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Valentine's Day

When card sketches inspire me, I find ways to think outside the box.  At my next workshop this card will be one of several showcase samples.

My goal is to always show workshop attendees various cards that can be used in a set.

The work shop’s main attraction was posted a couple of days ago, but you can see it again here.


Mojo Monday 329  helped me think outside the box and  I  love participating in sketches, so I’m going to challenge myself tis year and start drawing my own.

I look forward to sharing those sketches in the near future.

Valentine's Day

I love love love reading your comments… so please leave me one below and tell me what you think of the lemon.

Did I tell you how much I love reading your comments?

Valentine's Day

Time is running out and if you haven’t bought your kids their Valentine’s Day cards… you’re going to be stressing when they ask for them.  I LOVE these cute boy/girl monsters.  Click on picture above to view products.  Click here and order now for just $5.95 .

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I'm a Graphic Art Designer and Greeting Card Maker. It's a form of therapy and I love what I do, so I never have to work a day in my life. It's my win-win situation after a 25-year Air Force career as a hospital administrator.


  1. Wonderful

  2. So cute! I love your layers of hearts on this card. Thanks for sharing your ideas, I enjoy your blog!

  3. Love the card!!

  4. Maggie, So glad to hear that your drawing some sketches of your own as well! Another awesome way to let those creative juices flow! Soon, you’ll have a notebook full of amazing ideas. :0)

  5. Love all those hearts. And, the lemon, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. I think it depends on how it is used. I absolutely love it on your card. Thanks for sharing.

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