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It’s that time of the month for one blog, two posts and One Stamp At A Time blog hop!  I really hope you enjoy it because I know I enjoyed those Jelly Belly’s inside that French Fry box.  As a matter of fact, I’m still eating them one by one. Mmm Mmm, see that bright yellow-green one?  It taste like lime or a Margarita…my taste buds can’t tell the difference right now.


When I was asked to choose which colors I’d do for the monochromatic hop I chose these three variations of yellow.  Why yellow?  Because I literally carry sunshine in my pocket.  I carry them because when I go through a drive through at Starbucks I give a card to the car behind me and pay for their drink(s). I always check to see how many people are in the car and then I ask the barista the total of their drinks.  Not because I’m a cheap-skate!  I heard you think that…LOL.  I ask because I need to make sure I have enough cash on me and give them some of that sunshine.



I packaged these Jelly Belly’s for my friend who was feeling a little blue yesterday.  I had planned on giving them to her today, but as the Fry Box finished his photoshoot… this happened.



I just couldn’t possibly give her dirty Jelly Belly’s could I?  So I did what any true Jelly Belly lover would do…I ate them all, one bean at a time.

MAGGIE MADE TIPS: Not in cash, but great crafting recommendations.

  • Ensure photo props are clean.  Why is this a tip you ask?  Because one never knows when your project will take a dive and spill the beans all over the place.  It wasn’t a pretty site and I had to clean them up one jelly bean at a time.

Thank you so much for joining us today.  The next stop is the insanely Mad Paper Ninja talent of James at Stampin’ Stud.

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