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Monogram Note Card

Today’s post is in collaboration with Createyou86 and much like paper-crafting we have my favorite thing in common… the love for creativity.

First things first, if you believe the hype when people say, “I can’t draw to save my life!” then this post is not for you.

The ability to hand draw objects or people is not creativity!

Do you agree with me? It doesn’t matter below is the definition.

A Creative Idea: What It Means

Creativity is the act of making something new and different to YOU. It is an idea, a poem, or even a handmade card, such as a notecard.

To put something together on a piece of paper and call it a notecard is creativity and it is like beauty… seen in the eye of the beholder.

Creativity Is No Secret: It’s Easier to Find Than You Think

Look at the simple, yet classy notecard (and envelope). I got the idea from a sketch I came across over a year ago on the internet. It’s become my “go to notecard” ever since.

Note Card

I always use an ‘M’ to represent my name and now its become my personal symbol. I send it to past, present and future networking contacts. Sending a few written words about a conversation, meeting, or future endeavor will make you stand out. Don’t believe me? Try it. You’ll be very surprised.

When I first began making note cards, I used a stencil for the ‘M’, but have not graduated to using a die-cut. A rubber stamp works well too. The possibilities are endless.

I made the lines around the card with a simple ruler and black pen to add emphasis to the “M”. You can see another more detailed note card here.

There’s a way for you to learn creativity!

Save time spent on the internet searching for ideas, I’ve put together a FREE e-book that comes with enough layouts for cards or scrapbook layouts. Download your e-book by signing up to receive my blog updates here

If you already make and send notecards, please leave a comment below and share who you send them to and why?

Note Cards

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