Can You Case It Design Team Member Debut


Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at one of the newest Design Team member’s of Can You Case It card challenge! Finally, I can let the cat out of the bag and I can now breath because the excitement was killing me! LOL



CYCI is an exciting group because we are card-makers who represent the U.S. from New York to Australia and a few more in between.


MAGGIE MADE TIPS: Not in cash, but great crafting recommendations.

  • Go reverse it!  Although I love 99.9% of our Designer Series Paper what do I do with the .1% that I don’t particularly care for? I use the reverse side of it. Go figure, the color always works out with whatever pattern is on the reverse.
  • What is my style!?  Honestly, I don’t think I have one. Well, sometimes I think I do, but then somehow I switch it up. I love clean & simple and not too much clutter on the card front. But hey…do what makes YOU happy!  The beauty of cards is just like physical human beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder.  You may not like a card I like and vice-versa. What matters most is that someone took the time to make you a card with there hands.
  • Comments: You know what would be very sweet of you? Leave a comment for each person who posts a card at Can You Case It even if their card is ‘not your style’ or you don’t like it. Find one thing you find pleasing and leave a nice comment, you’ll feel great and put a little bit of sunshine in the heart of the participant. If you have a card you’d love to show case, but don’t have a blog send it to me ( and include your information.  I will be ecstatic to put it right here for you. You’ll have it seen by literally thousands of people…close your eyes and imagine that for a second (or two, or three).

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