Joey’s Birthday Face

Happy smiles for Joey's birthday!  I have a wonderful sweet nephew who is the youngest of the clan and he had a birthday a week ago.  Unfortunately, I was not able to be at his birthday party.

However, I made him a one of kind Maggie Made Original birthday card.  How could any child not be happy when they open this and the eyeglass wearing smiling card face is wishing them a Happy Birthday!?

I was a bad auntie and didn't plan ahead, but I did arrange to have my son take him to Toy's R Us and let him pick out any toy that he wanted, but did not get at his birthday party.

I'm sure that gift will have earned me some major brownie points in the eyes of six year old. =)

Happy Face

I have an announcement to make:  I'm not one of those that announces on my personal Facebook page how often I'm at the gym or how far I ran in a certain amount of minutes… but I must announce that I have signed up to run a 10K for the Deployed Air Force Marathon.

I'm nervous, I'm scared, I'm afraid, I'm everything you can imagine.  Why?  I run 5K's often, but never a 10K.  I'm a firm believer that the human body was not created to run more than 6 miles on any given time… LoL.

I have "Runner's Knee" and I'm praying it doesn't go out on me… although I will have it taped… last thing I need (at my age) is mess up my knee.  Regardless, I'll be out there running on September 21st.  Any advice from runner's out there… please leave me a comment.

Now for even better news… like the Uncle Sam Poster

Uncle Sam PalsClick HERE to know WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU AMERICA!


Happy Face
The face was made using all scraps and circle punches.
This message is only for those of you who actually read all the way to the bottom… LoL.  I'm having a contest on my Facebook page.  Go on and hop on over for your chance to win a My Paper Pumpkin kit from me! =)  Blessing to you!

About Maggie

I'm a Graphic Art Designer and Greeting Card Maker. It's a form of therapy and I love what I do, so I never have to work a day in my life. It's my win-win situation after a 25-year Air Force career as a hospital administrator.


  1. That card is so cute, I have a grandson who would really enjoy that one, going to case this one, Maggie:)

  2. Cutest card ever! I know your nephew will love it! And best wishes for your run! I am so impressed and know you can do it!

  3. How STINKIN’ adorable Maggie. Any child would love to get this card on their birthday. So cute! I just love how you did the hair. It really made me smile.

    Neat idea and love the Uncle Sam poster. How appropriate eh! =)
    Hmmmm…I used to run in grade school. Isn’t it eat lots of carbs like pasta/ spaghetti and stay hydrated.

    Thanks for sharing and for the smiles!

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