Impromptu My Paper Pumpkin

As you know, I’m in Los Angeles visiting family and so is one-quarter of my stamp room… LOL.  Thank goodness I brought some extra My Paper Pumpkin kits too!

My two beautiful nieces wanted to know what the hype was all about… and they decided to rename the kit… My Way with Paper Pumpkin.

They do not have blogs, so please show them love by leaving a comment about their unique kit cards made their way.

My Paper Pumpkin My Way

Jessica decided she didn’t want to use the photopolymer set that came with the kit, but instead substituted it with the Perfect Pennants Stamp Set.  This is the best thing I absolutely love about My Paper Pumpkin… you can use any stamp set may already have.  Everything goes well together!

My Paper Pumpkin My Way

This is Veronica and this is her first time ever making a handmade card.  I think she’s hooked.  She went a little crazy on the arrows, but this is her own version of the card and she even “borrowed” an extra gold glitter sticker from her cousin. LOL.

Paper Pumpkin Ad

(Click picture to get a closer look)

The coolest thing the impromptu card class with My Paper Pumpkin tonight is that my nieces will now be able to pre-pay their subscriptions.  How exciting is that!  These pre-paid kits also make the PERFECT gift!

Contact me today about getting your pre-paid kit and do what my two nieces did and make them your own!

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  1. The girls did a fantastic job! The cards came out lovely cute!

  2. WOw that’s creative and it must be in the genes from your auntie! They are hooked now so you have new customers Maggie! Good job girls. You have a good teacher, too!

  3. Great job girls. I am always looking for different ways to use the kits. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Both cards are lovely and unique and isn’t that why we all enjoy stamping!!!

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