Father’s Day Bowtie & Cumberbun w/How To Video

Father's Day

Seems like for the last two years my Father’s Day cards are made last minute.  Well, I’ll tell you what, when the men in my life receive this card they will love them!  Simply because I made it with my own two hands.

One of my brother’s even carries last year’s card with him everywhere he goes.  He doesn’t know I know (he does now) that I have seen last years card (view it here) in his portable work clip.  That makes me so happy.

The card below is for my Father.  I made his a different color because simply said, he is the best DAD in the whole wide-world. =)

Father's Day

As you know, I have a full-time job and not only is my time limited for paper crafts, but I don’t like the extra fluff that surround some videos, so I’ve decided to start making KIS-S videos that will last no more than one minute!

Keep It Simple!  Straight and to the point when I want to show you how simple it really is to make a handmade card.

Please let me know if I hit the mark and leave a comment either here or on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for visiting me today.

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  1. Sweet and simple Maggie…I love those kind of cards! Good job on the video.

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