A Happy Perfect Blend Birthday!

Simple, elegant, and clean is what I see in this card.  Today is the last day that Stampin' Up! will keep it simple to join our fabulous group of stampers for just $25.

Here's the BLUF:

  1. Order between $25-26.95 of product.
  2. Receive some catalogs and business supplies (you can chuck them if you want).
  3. Get 30% off your first $150 or more order… and EARN additional hostess benefits.
  4. You become a part of my Circle of Pals.
  5. Order as much product as you want at 20% discount until April 2014.
  6. Absolutely NO OBLIGATION to hold workshops or sell anything ever!

​​Won't you please take us for a test drive?  You can change your mind, get your fabulous product and just quit!  NO questions asked ever!  Get started now… click here!

I made this card for my friend Pam's birthday… obviously… LoL.  I didn't have my Simply Serif Mini Alphabet stamps, so I actually free-handed her name.  Not bad don't you think? =) 



About Maggie

I'm a Graphic Art Designer and Greeting Card Maker. It's a form of therapy and I love what I do, so I never have to work a day in my life. It's my win-win situation after a 25-year Air Force career as a hospital administrator.


  1. Did you hand-cut the pieces of DSP before stamping the image? You’re making my eyes do one of those optical illusion things! πŸ˜‰
    I can’t see the lines though where you would have adheared down….wondering….
    Thanks for sharing your “tip.”

    Happy Birthday month for sure! What better gift than to get to come home, eh? YAY!!!

  2. Oh neat! I love how you personalized the coffee cup. I’m struggle with yellow’s; but, I always keep in mind what you said, that everything goes with green! See, I’m trainable! And, wow, very nicely done with the hand print. I’m not very good anymore with writing or printing. I’m right handed and have had carpal tunnel surgery which didn’t help cuz I waited too long and surgery on my thumb. The arthritis has my right thumb hooking left and is so painful to hold a pen or pencil to write. It is twice the size as my left thumb. My hubby teases me and tells me I would make the perfect hitch hiker. =) Couldn’t miss that thumb anywhere! haha

    Have a great day hmmmm….night? Oh, and Happy Birthday month!!! =)

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