The Original BFF’s

Friends 1

My friend Gaby and I put the second F in BFF.  We met in first grade and were stuck to the hip until her death in eighth grade.  To this day I still dream of her and when I look at her little sister’s face, I see her face and wonder what college she would’ve gone to, where would she be living, would she have joined the Air Force (like me), or what her children would’ve looked like.  I still miss her 31 years later.

Why the story?  Gaby knew I was afraid of heights and she asked me to face my fears and ride the ferris wheel at our city’s annual fair.   So I did and this ferris wheel from the Feeling Sentimental set reminds me so much of her.

If you didn’t participate in Sale-a-bration this stamp set has passed you buy.  Since it is no longer available, you can win it if you leave a comment about your best childhood memory.  I will announce a winner on April 6th.

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Feeling Sentimental

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I'm a Graphic Art Designer and Greeting Card Maker. It's a form of therapy and I love what I do, so I never have to work a day in my life. It's my win-win situation after a 25-year Air Force career as a hospital administrator.


  1. My Mom would make these awesome banana flips. They had like a sponge cake on the outside and creamy banana filling on the inside. She would sprinkle powdered sugar all over the tops. Oh my goodness, they were soooooo good. They quit selling the banana marshmallows that she would make the filling with. She lived with me for the past two years and she was able to concoct a different filling and made them again for us. We were always so eager to eat them that we would inhale the powdered sugar and you know how it kind of chokes you up? Well, when that would happen, my Mom always had a glass of milk waiting for us. I miss my Mom and the banana flips too. I am not a baker and I could ruin a box mix. =)

  2. My favorite memory is , when I was little we lived in the country and my dad would raise the blade of the lawn mower and I would drive around pretending it was a car! 🙂 I love driving to this day! 🙂

  3. One of my most vivid childhood memories was a huge family reunion we went out to in Utah by driving all the way from Maine. It was in the most beautiful park and we took so so many pictures. All I wanted to do was play!!!

  4. Barbara Chatzkel

    Great story, Maggie. I so wish that your BFF was still here to see what an amazing woman you are! Hopefully the PALS stand in a bit when you are lonely.

  5. Jodiann Johnson

    One of my most memorable teachers was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Cueva. She was so much fun and full of energy. When we had a student join our class after moving here from Mexico, she not only worked towards teaching him English, but she started teaching the rest of us Spanish. When I later became a teacher in my home town, I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Mrs. Cueva as a peer. She was just as energetic and fun as she was when I was 8 – and a great role model for a young teacher!

  6. I have many stories but this one is about my mom who passed away a few years ago….she was taking a class at a local community center and made a comment concerning education in the Bronx…the lady sitting next to her started asking questions about schools, where my mom lived, grew up, etc. It turned out that the lady, Sue, and my mom had been BFF’s about 35years previously! How they both ended up in CA is another story, but they found oneanother and spent so many fun days together as BFF’s…

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