Special Military Status

To qualify for military status, you must:

  • be attached to or stationed at a US military base in a foreign country as: a US military member OR a civilian employee/contractor of the US Department of Defense OR a legal dependent thereof;
  • live on base or in housing near the base with an Army/Air Force Post Office [APO] or Fleet Post Office [FPO] address;
  • submit a Military Acknowledgment Form signed by your unit or base commander OR a copy of base policy or letter from appropriate authority indicating whether or not you are permitted to sell and/or recruit on base. If you are re-assigned to a new base, you need to resubmit a new Military Acknowledgement Form to Stampin’ Up!

All demonstrators who meet these qualifications will qualify for military status, regardless or whether or not they are permitted to sell and/or recruit on base.  If a demonstrator relocates outside of the designated selling area and does not meet these qualifications, her demonstratorship will be terminated.

Demonstrators may sell to customers living abroad only if the customer can provide an APO/FPO address.  All sales activities must take place on base or in military housing.  All activities must be in accordance with applicable military regulations and policy as they may be promulgated from time to time.

If demonstrators are not permitted to sell and/or recruit on their base, they will still receive regular Stampin’ Up! mailings and may place orders for their personal use.  They may also place orders for customers living in the United States and elsewhere, as allowed, and on other bases (assuming each can provide an APO/FPO address), as permitted by their base regulations.

Demonstrator Activity While in Military Status

  • Military status demonstrators have the option of selling products and recruiting. It will be the responsibility of demonstrators to learn whether sales and recruiting activities are allowed on base before they participate in these activities.
  • Military status is similar to active status, except no quarterly minimum sales requirement must be met (due to the limited nature of the market). Therefore, unless requested, these demonstrators will not be placed on pending status or dropped while on military status. They must meet their monthly minimums to qualify for any override commission.
  • Military status demonstrators will receive promotions (see the Career Plan chapter for more information) based on their sales and downline promotion activity. Only demonstrators who are permitted to sell on base are eligible for annual awards.
  • Those who are not permitted to sell on base are ineligible.
  • Military status demonstrators may not sell or recruit off base in a foreign country, including selling to or recruiting United States citizens living abroad that cannot provide an APO/FPO address. They may sell to friends, family, and established customers in the United States by having their orders shipped directly to their customers in the United States.

Military Special Override Only Status

Demonstrators who also meet the following additional qualifications can apply for military special override only status:

  • Not permitted to sell on base.
  • Personal sales during the previous 12 months of $3,600 or more.
  • At least one active downline member.
  • Demonstrator Activity While in Military Special Override Only Status Demonstrators on military special override only status may not sell products to customers either inside or outside of the United States.
  • Demonstrators who meet the aforementioned qualifications for military special override only status will not be placed on pending status or dropped while on this status and will receive a 2 percent override commission on the first three levels of their downline’s sales.

Demonstrators on this status may order items for personal use and should submit such orders as a demonstrator order. They may retain the instant/deferred income from these orders, but will receive no volume rebate. Their titles will not change while in military special override-only status, and they will not be eligible for annual awards.

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