The Secret of Life Is…

I began my journey on Wednesday and arrived to my deployed location on Saturday.  Whew! what a journey, so far!  Many do not like spending time away from their families and neither do I.  But… being that I am in the 1% club, it is a sacrifice I do not regret.  This stamp is a perfect statement of how I feel.

I’ll be gone for 6 months from family and friends, but I have already made friends where I am.  I met a wonderful young lady at the terminal when I landed to await further transportation, her name is Dee. (real name changed to protect the innocent… lol).  Dee is a female pilot and is headed on her umpteenth tour of duty.  She absolutely loves her job and it shows in the way she talks about it.

I have only met three female pilots and I must say, she is the one who has stood out the most.  Why?  Because she was so down to earth, kind, friendly, and a great conversationalist to my ADHD lifestyle.  But honestly, what blew me away about her was that she knew what a Cricut was.  You’re laughing right?  No, not the insect that chirps you crazy, but the die-cutting machine.

When your fabric projects and handmade gifts are finished with details that are perfectly color coordinated, everyone who sees or receives them will definitely notice.  The soft and flowing 1/2″ Seam Binding Ribbon drapes like silk and will add a distinguished and delicate look to your creations.

Reminiscent of Victorian apothecary labels, this exquisitely designed From My Heart eight-piece stamp set is a must-have for those who covet that vintage look.  Clever sentiments and intricate designs combine to make this a stamp set you’ll want to use again and again.

A personal shout out goes to my three new blog subscribers that signed up to follow My Paper Journey while I was flying a few thousand miles to get to my temporary home.

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