A ‘Note’-worthy Happy Birthday

Have you ever started a card and it just won’t mold to what you wanted to make?  That’s what happened with this card.  I finished it late last night, and I wasn’t one bit happy with it.

Then came morning and as I glanced at it… guess what!?  I fell in love with it.  So, if you don’t love a card made before bedtime don’t worry, sleeping on it changes everything-LoL.  No, you won’t feel like having a cigarette either. (I heard you laughing).

If you discovered you could only make one card with your supplies on hand… who would you make a card for?

All morning I’ve been thinking about my grandma who went to Heaven 33 years ago, Magdalena aka Mi Nena.  She was the first ‘old’ person I remember as a three year old… LoL.  She would write in the dirt for me, something I’ve never shared until now.

When I was between eight-10 years old, I’d spend school holidays with her and she watched the world through my eyes as I made mud pies.  I was her mental scrapbook, sort of speak. =)  She would sometimes draw messages in the dirt for me to read.

They said stuff like, “Mi Nenita” / “My Maggie”, (which was my childhood nickname)… I was named after her.  Other times she would draw a smile.  Those where the cards she made for me, which now live my heart forever.

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