Fab Friday 19 with Love in a Field of Flowers

Card Sketch Brought to You By: Fab Friday 19

This week I have been reflecting about what this blog is all about.  Is it about my stories, my cards, or both?  I often wonder what makes this blog better than any of the others?  I know that for me, I enjoy reading other blogs not just for the beautiful cards they make that give me inspiration, but for the personal stories they share.  So if you are here just to look at the cards… enjoy them, I make them for you.

For those of you who like the cards, but are also interested in my stories… enjoy them, I write for you too!

On the other hand, do I want to have you join my Circle of Pals?  ABSOLUTELY!  But mostly, I want you to pick up a hobby, any hobby.  Did you know that people who have hobbies, live a happier less stressful life?

I know I am Livin’ the Dream… I am doing two of the BEST things I love “with love“.  What are they?  Keep reading…

With Love 2

First Thing I Love

Serve my country…. for you and for my son.  May you always know freedom.
I miss you with all my heart Avery.  I will be home soon.

Second Thing I Love

Making Stampin’ Up! Greeting Cards.  May they bring joy to those I give them to.

Will you make one with me?

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Until the Next Post…

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