Sympathy for a Pet

With Sympathy1 1652013

I made an almost exact duplicate of this card a few weeks ago.  You can see it here.  Many of us tend to give this card to someone who has experienced a loss in their lives, but these cards should also be given to someone who has lost a dear pet.

Pets, after all are also a part of the family.  Whether the pet is a dog, a fish, a cat, or a hamster, we become attached to them and love them just as much (and in some cases more) than humans.

With Sympathy2 1652013

My deployed life has slowed down some this week and I only made two cards.  Ever since I completed the education piece to my career, I have yet to build up a schedule.  My next priority is getting fit to run a half marathon… but my head has not yet fully committed, so for now I will start with a 10K on Fourth of July.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

I’m not a runner and to be honest, I don’t look forward to running.  I have runner’s knee and I’m simply getting old… LoL.  But it’s a commitment I kind of made to myself (so I wont feel guilty if I break it)… hahaha.  My goal is to run with a friend once I get home. She’s a dedicated runner and I just once want to run with her before I move next summer.  Her name is Michelle and she follows my blog.  She went from barely reading it to keeping up with me while I’m deployed.  So… here’s to you MICHELLE P.!

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Have you ever made sympathy cards for someone who has lost a pet?