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Today (Friday) felt like a Saturday… but yesterday (Thursday) felt like a Friday.  Maybe because the day started at 1:15 a.m. followed by meetings and then Fourth of July entertainment.  A singer named Ashanti came out to put on a show for us.  She has a magnificently beautiful voice and the Good Lord certainly blessed her with powerful vocal cords.  Unfortunately, I had no idea who she was and I only recognized one song she sang…. but hey don’t judge me… LoL… I’m old(er) and from a different generation.

I felt a little shameful for not knowing more about her, but I felt better after my 18 year old son didn’t know who she was either… LoL.  Either way, I enjoyed the concert and I am thankful/grateful she took time out of her Fourth of July to entertain us.

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Every card I have created since May has someone special in mind and this one is no different.  I love the flowers on the Gingham Designer Series paper.  I used my paper snips (another term for scissors) to cut the flower out and layered it on the Blossom Paper Punch.

You too can create your own field of beautiful, calming flowers on your projects with this stamp set.  Perfect way to bloom and grow flowers without a green thumb… no water or weed pulling required… LoL.  

This card layout was brought to you by Clean & Simple #247.

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I'm a Graphic Art Designer and Greeting Card Maker. It's a form of therapy and I love what I do, so I never have to work a day in my life. It's my win-win situation after a 25-year Air Force career as a hospital administrator.

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  1. Maggie, this card is really beautiful and I love it. You are a real artist. I might have to copy it!

    Again, thank you for being you and for your service to our country. Stay safe!

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