A Sweet Surprise from My #1 Fan… Lynn G.


Nothing in the world is much sweeter than making new friends, especially when those friends have the most wonderful hobby in common… crafting!

These projects were sent to me by my #1 fan… Lynn Gautheir.  She says I inspire her… but truly SHE INSPIRES ME.  Lynn and I became friends after she won some blog candy.  We write each other often and I love her to pieces.

She is living proof that a hobby, especially paper crafting (LoL… I’m biased) is a form of therapy that helps us to become happier and even healthier.

In an article by By Julie Schimmelpfennig, GateHouse News Service she wrote…

“The socialization and bonding from activities, such as clubs, travel groups, attending classes, etc., have opened participants’ worlds to connections, and studies show it leads to longer life and better health,”-Dr. Joy Miller.  Read more here.

The first project is a container that holds beverage packets and she filled it up with various flavors… I LOVE IT!  The one above is a box that holds more beverage powder.  She affixed velcro to it to keep it from opening and made the most adorable belly band.

The last project is another cute as a button tea bag holder.  OHH EMM GEE!  It’s so adorable I don’t want to open it, but I did just to show you the inside of it (below).  The pictures really do not give these project any justice.  They are absolutely stunning.

Within the package Lynn wrote me a very touching letter that I read through blurry eyes (remember my allergies) LoL.  You are my forever friend Lynn and I am so grateful for your friendship.

Lynn does not have a blog, but it would be so sweet of you to leave her comments about her wonderful projects.  She has arthritis and suffers from dizzy spells, yet she keeps up with her hobby, which brings her much joy.  She is living proof that a hobby can make you happier and feel so much better.

Lynn writes, “I’m so glad that I found your site as it has inspired me to get back into working with paper, inks, punch’s, etc.  It sure helps me cope with losing my mom.  So… I can’t thank you enough…”

Lynn, you INSPIRE me! =)

About Maggie

I'm a Graphic Art Designer and Greeting Card Maker. It's a form of therapy and I love what I do, so I never have to work a day in my life. It's my win-win situation after a 25-year Air Force career as a hospital administrator.


  1. What fabulous projects, Lynn! Love them all!

  2. Maureen Reardon

    Beautiful work…love the tea bag holder…will have to case this for Christmas for friends

  3. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    Lynn’s projects are wonderful. I especially love 3-D creations! More importantly, how thoughtful of her to send you goodies while you’re overseas serving our country.

  4. Michelle Gleeson

    Truly gifts from the heart made through Lynn’s hands. I agree that crafting is therapeutic for those who create as well as those who receive.

  5. Such beautiful projects! You have so much talent, Lyn!! So nice of you to share with one of our favorite Pals!

  6. Lynn did a great job and I know receiving these is a wonderful blessing! I love that little tea bag holder, sweet! Now each time you have your morning beverage you’ll think of Lynn!

  7. Wow! These are such wonderful projects! The details for each one are just amazing and show such love for the craft–and for the recipient. How wonderful to be connected so sweetly–and have that connection be expressed in such an artistic and beautiful way! The projects and this post made MY day brighter!

  8. I really like Lynne’s pieces. So colorful and imaginative. Thanks, Lynne, and Maggie, for sharing.

  9. I love the way the flower was done on the beverage container (project in brown). What a fun approach. I love that internet allows us all to share ideas and spark creativity. Thank you.

  10. Gorgeous Lynn! You are so sweet to bless Maggie with these pretty projects. Keep up the good work!

  11. Maggie, how awesome to have made a friend just through your blog and such a talented one too.
    Such cute projects.
    Lynn Hoyt

  12. WOW! Such cute projects! Way to go Lynn!

  13. Lynn, what a wonderful collection of crafts you sent to Maggie! And, yes, I tell many people that being a stamper is a great therapy for whatever your problems are (and a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist!). Keep up the good work and the inspiration for more of us to remember our friends!

  14. Lynn,
    I was delighted with the eye candy your work provided me today!!! LOVE everything you made! Anyone would be a proud recipient of your beautifully crafted works of art. Your work made me smile! 🙂 Thank you…If you only knew how I needed to smile today.

  15. Lynn Not Only Are Your Projects Great! I Am Inspired By Your Thoughtfulness To Maggie. Makes Me Realize How Much More I Could Be Doing With The Abilities God Has Given Me.

  16. Lynn, your paper-crafted packaging is gorgeous! What a beautiful gift for a friend.

  17. Beautiful work, Lynn. I especially loved the double tea holder.

  18. Lynn your projects are beautiful. I would love the pattern for the tea bag holder. Keep crafting!!!

  19. that should be Diana my keys are sticking again…

  20. Lynn’s products are so sweet! And by the way…it is okay to be emotional…that is why God gave them to us…
    so we had a way to express ourselves.

  21. Lynn, your projects are incredible! You need to start your own blog! You rock!! Thanks for sharing, Maggie!

  22. I am usually online via my iPhone (limited viewing pleasure and interaction) but when I saw this post I immediately signed onto my desktop to comment on Lynn’s projects; Amazing, Beautiful, Cute, Darling, Envisioning, Fabulous, Gorgeous .. I have to stop my grandbaby needs me. I think you get where I was going with this, I love love love your work Lynn! Kae gotta go! Hugssssss!

  23. Beautiful projects Lynn! I love to make the tea bag holder but I put chocolate in it! Thank you for sharing Maggie!

  24. Thanks for sharing these wonderful projects, Maggie! They are beautiful and I’m sure receiving them brightened your day. I love, love, love the flowers!!! Absolute perfection!

  25. These are ALL absolutely gorgeous and so thoughtful Lynn!

  26. Over the top gorgeous and thoughtful projects!

  27. Really cool stuff!

  28. Lynn’s projects are very inspiring….I want to make the polka dot one…how cute..but all three are very, very nice..I have some tea drinking friends who would love the last one…if you can get some directions and post them…I would appreciate it…good job Lynn and thanks for sharing Maggie

  29. I love Lynn’s projects. They are so cute. It is always great to find projects to keep our hands busy as we think of our lost loved ones. What a great way to remember them as we craft around their favorite “tea” or use their favorite color or embellish their favorite holiday. Thanks Lynn and Maggie for sharing.

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